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  • Snapshot of highly reusable React-Bootstrap Modal component

    Reusable Modal Architecture With React-Bootstrap

    Modals are some of the most important UI elements in any application. Learn how to architect them the *right* way for a large-scale React application, and save you and your team a ton of tech-debt right now.

  • Snapshot of Redux UI Reducer

    How To Manage UI State With Redux

    In this tutorial, you will learn how to properly manage UI State for a large-scale React application. If you don't know what "UI State" is don't worry, you will after you read this story. Learn how to manage the state of your application effectively for maximum scalability.

  • Snapshot of web-based URL that's using Push State

    Hash-Based & Push-State URLs In React Apps

    Did you ever wonder what the hash (#) or hash-bang (#!) in a URL meant or did? Learn what the difference betweeh hash-based and push-state URLs are so you don't feel confused when you have to design them.

  • Snapshot of React-based Youtube search component

    Create a React.js Auto-complete Search Box

    Create a React-based autocomplete search box that searches Youtube and learn how to develop your own shareable component now.